Farm Diary

Farm Diary

With this page we aim to give you some insight as to what we are doing on the farm at different times of the year.

20th August 2017

It has been a wet & changeable month and so far have not been able to get the combine out. Our wheat for thatching was ruined by the wind in June so no reed this year. We hope to combine it at some point. Our winter barley has also suffered from the weather and we shall probably just mow it and use for bedding. Just some of the problems we face with the weather.

The new chicken shed is almost finished ready for the new chicks in on the 6th Sept. Laying concrete in a storm was a challenge.

Our Aberdeen X heifers we reared on the bucket 2 yrs ago are starting to calf the 1st one born last week.

Sadly a week ago we lost Harvey our labrador x many of you will remember as the ‘Black Dog’. It was peacefully of old age which we are unsure of but at least 15yrs.

3rd October 2017

At last the sun is shining and this week looks better. We managed to get the corn in but quality & quanity not as it should be. The 2nd Free Range chicken shed got up & running at the beginning of Sept and the go out to forage now they are 28 days old.

Our TB test can back negative to our relief so we were able to put the suckler cows & calves back out in the fields hopefully for a few more weeks.

We are now looking to buy some new rams to put with the ewes later in the month.

Hedgetrimming is under way which takes up alot of the time and weather permitting in the wet fields.

22nd Nov 2017

New chicks arrived last week so keeping us busy. The cattle are all in for the winter, so now the work has increased. The workshop is busy with lots of maintenance being carried out various items.The weather has been mild but the ground is wet. Now we are into the quieter months the cottage is getting a face lift with it being redecorated inside.

Spring 2018

Lambing is coming to an end after one of most trying winters for many a year, Devon was officially the wettest March & it is continuing into April. We also had snow to contend with and thawing frozen water pipes to the animals all making extra work.

We desperately look forward to warmer weather, so we can turn the cattle out and get on the land.We are now into calving. I have a 3 week old orphan who is trying my patience with not taking the bottle.

Chicks are now 3 weeks old and soon to go out but they also want some dry weather.

Summer 2018

Well summer arrived and wasn’t it glorious we put all those wet & cold days behind us. We successfully fostered our orphan calf off to a new Mum. Harvest was easy on the whole but not much of it due to lack of rain. We have our reed in store ready for thrashing in the autumn.

August wasn’t the best month of the summer weatherwise so corn harvest caused a few headaches but we finished by beginning of Sept with varying yields.  So at Harvest festival we were able to sing all is safely gathered in.

Autumn 2018

Our orchard has seen an abundance of plums, apples & even a few walnuts. So busy making damson jelly, filling the freezer & also drying some apple rings in the Rayburn to make a yummy snack.

Now on into Oct we putting the rams in so we hope to look forward to a busy time in March.


Another year on the farm, so far the winter has been kind only one bout of snow and February has seen temperatures rise with lots of sunshine. Half-term guests have had the most wonderful weather. Lambing due to start middle of March, new chicks arrive latter part of February. a lovely time of the year with new life and fresh growth makes the countryside look lovely. Great for long walks listening to the birds and exploring ths lovely county.

JUNE Well not exactly the weather you want for a holiday or here on the farm as we are desperate for a bit of sunshine to start haymaking. But there are plenty of things to do locally whatever the weather. On the plus side we have chicks in both are barn owl boxes for the second year running. Staying Stable lodge you may watch them flying in and out to feed the young and also the very loud hissing the chicks make.